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পারস্য থেকে ইরান

July 11, 2021
অভাগা ইয়ামেনীদের নিয়ে ভাবনা
May 6, 2020
ওয়াইসী হয়ে আজমগড়ী সিলসিলা
July 12, 2021


Mr. Ahmadul Islam Chowdhury is the son of an aristocratic family in Chittagong. He is the author of many books and a weekly coloumn writer of the “Daily Purbakone” and “Daily Azadi” which is the famous newspaper of the country. His composed essays are near about one thousand four hundred. He was born in Chittagong in 1950.The writer Ahmadul Islam Chowdhury is the founder, Patron and chairman of many religious, educational and welfare institutions. Directly or indirectly he is related with several organizations of the country. He visited different countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and America with a view to travelling and observing (zearat). Among them he visited Islamic Republic of Iran in September, 2005. He went to Iran for the second time.

in June, 2008 on the 19th death anniversary of the great Imam Khomenee by the invitation and supporting of the government of Iran. Mr. Ahmadul Islam Chowdhury who is a writer, Researcher and Islamic thinker, composed “Persia to Iran” and divided it into two different parts and extended third part

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